KWA RM4 UpgradesPTS RM4 with VLTOR CASV Rail

If you have landed here, chances are you own a KWA RM4 and are interested in upgrading it. Chances also are that you have found few Airsoft tech's willing to work on the RM4 platform because it's often been derided as "100% proprietary."

I am no stranger to tales of recalcitrant techs and "it can't be done" attitudes. Many of the myths and tales surrounding the RM4 (and KWA rifles) are only half-truths at best, and this platform enjoys much compatibility with standard Ver. 2 components.

Since my very beginning with Tactical Parts over nearly a decade ago, I have concentrated on upgrading and modifying the KWA RM4 series AEG rifles. Starting with the introduction of the original PTS RM4 series, I was the very first shop to take advantage of this new platform and begin upgrading and modifying it with the goal of superior performance. By now I have amassed considerable experience with this design and am proud to say that I am recognized as an authoritative source for upgrading the RM4 rifle.

The RM4 is a fantastic platform, offering all of the features of a similar gas blowback rifle, but without the 'Seasonal Affective Disorder'. While many are satisfied with the stock performance of the RM4, I have always recognized that some things could be better: The RM4 is burdened with a terrible bucking design, and proper compression (particularly the air-nozzle) is next to non-existent in stock form. Additionally, AOE correction wasn't even an afterthought, and the thin factory pad on the back of the cylinder head will inevitably come loose over time and cause a piston jam. The giant fuse array and clumsy wiring are a handicap when it comes to replacing the front end with different rail systems. The stock motor is adequate - but like most AEG's, it too will benefit from improvement.

The RM4 also has a bevy of proprietary parts, but I have been able to utilize many commercially available Version 2 designs and adapt them to the RM4. The outer barrel is one such proprietary part, but with selective modifications, I can modify and adapt ANY standard Version 2 outer barrel to your RM4! It is entirely possible to have a sub 10" barreled RM4 if you so desired. With the introduction of KWA's new Ronin modular rifle system and improved parts support, the options for this rifle have expanded greatly, and now one can enjoy the convenience of multiple "hot swappable" upper receiver assemblies.

I have also found this platform to be very accepting of real steel aftermarket components, and many will fit with little to no modification necessary.

Owners of the RM4 need not to be intimidated by the perceived lack of upgrade potential - rather the contrary... the possibilities are endless!

Contact us today and we can discuss how to take your RM4 to the next level!