SR Designs FN2000 M-Trigger Review

Ask anyone who’s laid some time on the G&G FN2000 series, and they’ll tell you that they have lots of issues with semi-auto functionality and contact burnout. There are a couple of reasons for this, one of which is the overly complicated trigger mechanism; a poorly designed cutoff lever and the heavy, sluggish trigger and linkage doesn’t do it any favors either.

Ironically, despite this customers particular gun being brand new, it was having semi-auto failures straight out of the box. Continue reading “SR Designs FN2000 M-Trigger Review”

Matrix “Whirlwind” PKM Box Magazine Motor Review

One of the very common problems with the A&K PKM series AEG’s is that it’s far too easy to build a gearbox that will outstrip the ability of the box magazine to feed it. Once you bypass the silly firing mode switch on the gun, the main problem source lies within the box magazine motor itself.

Enter the Matrix “Whirlwind” motor. Matrix is Evike’s house branded name for parts that are actually manufactured by another company. I have not yet determined who actually makes this motor, but I would presume it’s likely SHS or similar. Continue reading “Matrix “Whirlwind” PKM Box Magazine Motor Review”

PTS Enhanced Polymer Grip Compact Review

Maybe I’m just getting older, but after a long day of gaming with my M4’s I find that the grip angle is becoming less and less comfortable. This last outing saw my wrist seriously sore afterwards, and I found myself switching to my off shoulder more frequently than usual or attempting to hold the grip more vertically. Part of this may stem from my particular play style, as I tend to often have the rifle shouldered and lead with the muzzle. There’s also times when I’ll be laying up in an ambush position with the rifle at the shouldered position for long periods of time. Old habits die hard, I guess.

Continue reading “PTS Enhanced Polymer Grip Compact Review”

VFC HK G28 Wraith CO2 Conversion

This was one of the more interesting projects to cross my bench this year. This is a limited edition VFC HK G28 that I modified a Wolverine Airsoft Wraith CO2 stock to fit in conjunction with a Gen. 2 Inferno.

Converting this gun over to a Wolverine Airsoft Wraith system presented a few technical challenges. The main one being that the buffer tube on the G28 is substantially larger than the diameter of the Wraith tube, which is designed for a standard M4 profile. So much so that even the one-off built adapter that was purchased as a work-around also proved to be too small. That being said, the downfall of even using a correctly threaded adapter would mean that you could no longer use the G28 stock which was designed explicitly to use the larger diameter buffer tube. And part of what makes the G28 the G28 is the adjustable stock it ships with, so that wouldn’t do. Continue reading “VFC HK G28 Wraith CO2 Conversion”

Resurrecting the Champ

As I am currently waiting on a small pile of parts to show up to complete some other builds for customers, I figured now was as good a time as any to tackle a gun that’s been sitting in the back of the room for several months now.

This is a Tokyo Marui Type 89. It’s a relatively rare gun anymore, and you don’t often see one running in the wild. It’s probably one of my favorite TM designs as well, as it offers a full metal receiver, solid build quality, that legendary TM accuracy, and an incredible 4-position mechanical selector system. 3-round bursts are what this gun is known for. Continue reading “Resurrecting the Champ”