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Alpha-Tec HEX Blank Fire Training Grenade (Gen. 2)


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New batch incoming! PRE-ORDER ONLY - product is currently in manufacturing and will be ready in approximately 2 1/2 - 3 weeks.

Tactical Parts is an exclusive Pacific Northwest reseller for the Alpha-Tec HEX blank fire training grenades! These innovative sound amplifying grenades are constructed from stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum and feature a 6-shot reloadable cylinder using either 9mm blanks or .209 shotshell primers.

The Gen. 2 HEX grenade has had over 15 generational product improvements made to the design based on extensive worldwide feedback from end users and LEO/MIL adopters. The wall thickness has been doubled, and a higher grade of aluminum selected. Resin-set and thicker threaded pendulum shafts are set into the stainless steel, preventing head bending. The most notable design change is the use of a redesigned firing pin.

After a vast amount of testing we have a pin that sets off more rounds with less force than any other design out there. The HEX will detonate on concrete from a height as low as 4" sideways. Meaning more bangs from less height on more surfaces. Finally, every grenade is finished out in vivid satin anodizing for easy visibility in the field or training environment.

The HEX operates off a unique 6-shot rotating cylinder with a safety position for carry use. The blank fire cylinder is multi-caliber, and can be flipped around to handle either a 9mm blank or .209 shotshell primer. After throwing your HEX grenade, you simply retreive the grenade, rotate the cylinder to the next firing position and it's ready for use again!

The HEX is among the most economical options available for reusable sound amplification training grenades using commonly available .209 shotshell primers or 9mm blanks. When broken down, the per-reload cost can be as little as $0.03 per reload! There are no additional tool up costs involved, and unlike some competitor products, there are no pins, spoons, or levers that are easily lost, broken or are specific "one time use only" proprietary parts.

Another advantage of the HEX over competitive products is the minimal waste produced. Detonated primers and blanks are 100% contained within the unit, and can be easily stowed in your pocket for later disposal. Compared to Thunder B's with their ruptured shells and pierced 12g C02 cartridges, the HEX is a much more eco-friendly option.

Average Reload Cost Comparison
Thunder B Shells$9.00 - $21.00 per 12-pack / $1.75 - $0.75 per reload+ $.027 per 12g Co2 Cartridge
TG6 Thumper$59.85 per 12-pack / $4.98 per reloadNo additional cost.
Alpha-Tec HEX w/.209 Shotshell Primers$37.99 per 1000 / $0.03 per reloadNo additional cost.
Alpha-Tec HEX w/9mm Blanks$11.39 per 50 / $0.22 per reloadNo additional cost.



  • 6082 T6 Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Stainless steel wobble-head and baseplate
  • 6-shot rotary cylinder
  • Safety lockout
  • Satin anodizing
  • Gen 2 updated design
  • Made in the UK

Additional Specs

  • 117db @ 12" w / 9mm Blank
  • 115db @ 12" w /.209 Shotshell primer
  • 1.1 lbs unit weight
  • Dimensions: 5.1" tall x 1.75" diameter
  • Fits most flashbang pouches and some 40mm pouches