Airsoft Upgrade and Repair ServiceTroy M7A1 PDW

As an Airsoft technician and the owner of Tactical Parts, I have nearly a decade of experience building and tuning Airsoft replicas and am a full time player myself. Prior to this, I spent over 15 years in the sport of Paintball, building custom paintball markers for myself and my teammates before eventually progressing to the sport of Airsoft. You could say that I've pretty much always been working on something that shoots!

Because I am a small one-man operation and do not outsource labor or repairs, I can keep quality control high and maintain total control over the final product. I do not believe in "one-size-fits-all" approaches, but rather I evaluate each and every repair or upgrade path from a whole-system standpoint. I also believe in building the gun around the player and their personality - everyone is unique in their preferences and play styles and your AEG should reflect that!

Tactical Parts is a full service Airsoft upgrade and repair service shop located near Spokane Washington. Some of our many AEG services include:

  • Complete gearbox tuning
  • Shimming
  • Angle Of Engagement (AOE) correction
  • Gearbox radiusing
  • MOSFET installations
  • Re-wiring and soldering
  • Short-stroking
  • Compression fixes
  • R-Hop / Flat-Hop service
  • Accuracy modifications
  • Parts installation
  • Custom builds
  • Cerakote refinishing
  • ... and more!

For all tech-work inquiries please use one of the following methods of contact:

Phone: 509-671-6565 / Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm PST

You may also download, print, and fill out our Airsoft Work Order Form to send with your gun:

Adobe PDF

Microsft Word (.docx)

Please Note - we do NOT work on any of the following Airsoft replicas:

  • Anything made from clear plastic or designed to explicitly fire .12g BB's.
  • Low-end AEG brands such as the "Kalashnikov" brand, Broxa, Crossman, etc.
  • All LMG/GPMG platforms, including M249, Mk.43, SAW, M240, M60, Stoner Mk.23, PKM, etc.
  • Gas blowback rifles and pistols.
  • Spring operated rifles and pistols.
  • Replica grenade, T.A.G. or Nerf rocket launchers, including 37mm and 40mm style.
  • HPA powered guns and engines.

Please consult our FAQ page for additional questions and answers.