FAQE&L AK with Zenitco

Q: Do you need a battery and charger when I send in my rifle for work?
A: No. The only thing we need is a magazine. AEG's sent in without a magazine will not be accepted for work. While we have a decent inventory of magazines for testing purpose on hand, we don't carry magazines for every replica design out there. Without a magazine, we cannot properly function test your rifle, measure FPS, ROF, diagnose feeding issues, etc.

Q: How much does it cost to ship my rifle?
A: An M4 rifle can be broken down into the upper and lower receiver groups and sent in a USPS priority flat-rate box for around $18 anywhere in the continental US. These boxes are free with a USPS account registration, and are also usually available at your local post office. Larger rifles will of course require larger boxes. Please factor in return shipping cost's as well when considering your total bill.

To save on weight or packaging size, you may consider removing any accessories or optics from your AEG too.

Q: What is your current turn-around time?
A: Generally speaking, spring, summer and fall are our peak seasons - with spring usually being the busiest as this is when everyone sends in their guns for repair or upgrades in preparation for the next Airsoft season. Typically we strive to repair guns within a week. Though this can be dependent on parts availability as well as having to special order anything from overseas which will naturally increase lead times.

Q: Do you do rush orders or rush repairs / upgrades?
A: No. We are a small shop and it is first come, first serve. It would also be unfair to our customers who have already been waiting in line for their guns to be worked on before you. Please do not send in your Airsoft gun for repair or upgrade several days or a week before you need it for a game.

Q: How much does it cost for repairs or upgrades?
A: Labor is billed at $30 an hour + parts. In some cases or for special projects, we may simply charge a flat fee for the entire job. Typically we do not like to make carte blanche decisions or gross estimations without examining the rifle first. Generally, until you open up the gearbox or internals you don't necessarily know what might be wrong. Examinations are free - you simply pay total shipping costs to and from our shop. We will not proceed with a repair until we have fully diagnosed the problem and consulted with you first.

Q: What don't you work on?
A: Obviously anything made from clear plastic or found in big box retailer stores such as Wal-Mart, Big 5, etc. There are a variety of lower-end brands we also do not work on, such as Kalashnikov, Cyber-Gun, Javelin, etc. It is simply not cost-effective to repair these as the parts and labor would typically exceed the total cost of a brand new replacement gun.

There are some additional guns we do not work on:

  • All LMG/GPMG platforms, including M249, Mk.43, SAW, M240, M60, Stoner Mk.23, PKM, etc.
  • Gas blowback rifles and pistols except under special request and as time allows.
  • Spring operated rifles and pistols.
  • Replica grenade or Nerf rocket launchers, including 37mm and 40mm style.

If you have questions about your particular Airsoft replica, please do not hesitate to contact us!

We reserve the right to accept or reject any Airsoft replica for repair or upgrade without limitation.

Q: Why do you not work on LMG / GPMG Airsoft replicas?
Over the years it has become apparent that it is simply not cost effective to work on many of these guns due to their inherently poor quality control or lack of quality aftermarket parts support. Mainly these particular designs represent an enormous time-suck and we are far too busy to accept them anymore due to this. Some of these guns, as an example, have often taken upwards of a full week to get up and running to the same level as a properly tuned AEG carbine or rifle. In that same time period, we are able to repair or build at least half a dozen M4 or similar platforms. From a labor perspective, it is simply not possible to charge adequately or fairly for that level of work. The customer would balk, and so would we.

Q: Do you do HPA engine (PolarStar, Jack, SMP kit, etc.) installs?
Yes we do. Please ensure you provide us with your chosen regulator and HPA tank before sending us your rifle for conversion.

Q: Will you build me a 800 FPS sniper rifle?
A: No. Please respect your local fields' FPS limits.

Q: Will you build me a 70 RPS AEG?
A: No. Please respect your local players.

Q: Will you build me a phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range?
A: Hey, just what you see pal.